Tonawanda News

February 12, 2013

Do You Remember Feb. 12?

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — 2003 — 10 years ago

• The Tonawanda Police Department found an estimated $15,000 worth of hand guns, long guns and piles of ammunition in the Tonawanda Housing Authority home of a deceased man.

• The Goodwill store on Broad Street near Main, Tonawanda, was set to close. The store needed upgrades costing as much as $200,000 for heating, cooling and other extensive repairs.

1988 — 25 years ago

• The top three winners of Cub Pack 193 annual Pine Woods Derby at Spruce School competed in the derby finals at the Summit Park Mall.

Correen McCandless, Rebecca Schnell and Karl Neuhaus were among the youth at Grove Street Christian Church serving a spaghetti dinner after the worship service.

1963 — 50 years ago

• Miss Elizabeth McLean of North Tonawanda who had recently returned from a world cruise gave an illustrated talk on her travels before the Women’s Association of North Presbyterian Church.

• North Tonawanda Mayor Durkee was presented an honorary colonel’s membership in the Civil War Centennial Commission by Frank Bellinger, seeing as it was Lincoln’s Birthday.

1943 — 70 years ago

• In cooperation with local Boy Scouts, Carl Cobernus, manager of the Riviera Theatre, had completed arrangements with the Boy Scout band of Troop 88 Ascension Church to appear on the stage of the local movie house.

• Dedication of a service flag containing 118 stars, representing that many students of the Tonawanda high school who had entered the armed forces since Jan. 1, 1941, took place at the school.