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December 12, 2012

Rash of holiday burglaries reported

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The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — After a flurry of burglaries taking place in the past few weeks, Town of Tonawanda police are reminding residents to take steps to protect themselves and their homes from such crimes.

A total of eight residential burglaries have occurred since Nov. 21, according to Lt. Nick Bado, with the most recent one taking place Monday. 

“All are believed to have been committed during the daytime hours while the residents are not home,” a release states. 

In half of the incidents, the home’s doors were not locked. In the other half, the doors were older, with glass window panes, which burglars were able to easily break. 

“Burglaries increase with the holiday shopping,” Bado said. “This time every season, we send out a press release to remind residents to be careful, because burglars know there are presents in the house and they go to work.” 

Cash, jewelry, laptops and televisions, among other electronic items, have been taken. 

No residents encountered the burglars in their homes and no arrests have been made, but police are following a few leads. Bado said the incidents are concentrated in an area near Eggert Road between Parker Boulevard and Sheridan Drive. 

“Four of them were on one side of Eggert, and four of them are on the other side of Eggert,” Bado said. 

As a result of the increased burglaries during the holidays, town police are reminding residents to call police if they see anything suspicious, as well as remember to protect their own homes and valuables. 

“Most of these are preventable to a certain degree,” Bado said.

Police suggest use of alarm systems and a safe, the installation of modern doors, the locking of windows, doors, including the garage door. 

“Those are often left open and allow easy access if attached to the house,” the release states.

The use of motion lights are also advised, as they often deter burglars from attempting to enter homes. 

With online holiday shopping on the rise, Bado also advised residents to reconsider where they have their packages shipped to. 

“UPS leaves packages at times when people aren’t home,” he said. “And they have also been taken in a couple of cases.”

He suggested having packages to delivered to work, or a family member’s house where someone will be home, or, at the very least, having the deliverer drop the package off in the back of the home so it’s not as visible. 

“The bottom line is to make your home look occupied and difficult to break in,” the release states.

Anyone with information about the recent crimes is requested to call the town’s criminal investigation bureau at 879-6633 or the confidential tip line at 879-6606.