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March 2, 2013

Clerk opts to go paperless

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Tonawanda News — Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs announced Friday that 25,000 documents that have historically come into the clerk’s office in paper form are now coming in electronically.

“This is very significant because we have had one full-time employee assigned solely to this task to process all this paperwork. This employee is now ‘freed-up’ to be able to do other critical tasks, like getting our customers in-and-out of the office more quickly,” Jacobs said.

The paperless move is saving money in postage and paper.

The 25,000 documents are New York tax warrants, which are judgments against individuals for unpaid state taxes and child support payments.

“We are mandated by law to process these for the state but we receive no fee for doing so,” Jacobs said. 

Tax warrants make up 15 percent of the county’s workload volume and were being manually processed by staff before the decision.

“By automating this process, we are now able to eliminate costly tasks of manual review, recording, scanning, indexing and return of the hard copy documents to the State Department of Tax and Finance. A process that once required a full time staffer now is handled in a few minutes each week,” Jacobs said.