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March 5, 2013

50 cats found in NT home


Tonawanda News — Lewis said that because they animals were fed and given water they were in fair condition, though two of the SPCA employees responsible for caging the cats described 6- to 8-inches of feces around the interior of the home.

“The conditions in the house were pretty bad,” Lewis said. “My driver said there wasn’t a square inch that you could walk on where there wasn’t feces.” 

Yet, despite the deplorable living conditions, Lewis expects most of the cats will eventually be adopted. 

“It is hard to tell at this point,” she said. “They went through a very traumatic capture process. As they are here and we clean out there cages and we medicate them we may become social again. But it could be a couple of weeks before we have true picture as to which one’s are actually feral.” 

In the meantime, Capozzi said the home has been boarded up and the city will “keep it sealed” until an future date. 

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