Tonawanda News

July 28, 2012

Pavilion, gazebo still works in progress

By Jessica Bagley,
The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Two current City of Tonawanda projects, the Clinton Park Gazebo and the pavilion in Niawanda Park, are both incomplete, but they’re getting there. 

City of Tonawanda Engineer Jason LaMonaco said the gazebo should be complete by mid-August, with the pavilion finished a bit later in mid or late September.

The gazebo is only awaiting some finishing touches, including a light for the middle of the ceiling, and some other minor details. 

“There is what we call a punch list that is a summary of items that need to be taken care of before we pay the bill,” City of Tonawanda Mayor Ron Pilozzi said. 

LaMonaco said the punch list was sent to contractors and he is waiting to hear back from them. The list isn’t long, but requires some additional paint, caulking in gaps and tightening of the railings. 

Construction on the gazebo began in mid-September, and the job was originally set to be complete in October, but hit a snag when workers discovered the foundation for the gazebo was hollow.

LaMonaco said the foundation issue cost more in terms of time than money, as a bulk of the job got pushed to the spring and summer. 

“Originally, we were just supposed to be painting in the spring,” Pilozzi said. 

The gazebo has been in the park for decades, and was rebuilt once before in the 1970s. Construction on the new gazebo began after the previous structure collapsed in 2010, injuring two workers in the process. The improved, iconic gazebo does have a new, resin-like material that will hopefully make it more resistant to graffiti, but does retain the same design as the old one. 

Pilozzi said he is hoping to have a grand reopening of the gazebo when it’s complete in the next few weeks. 

“I want to use it more than we ever have before,” Pilozzi said. “For summer concerts, and other events.”

Pilozzi is also excited about the pavilion, a structure he has wanted in the city since his campaign in 2005. 

The plumbing, mechanical, and electrical, and dry wall work on the inside of the pavilion is now complete, according to LaMonaco. The dry wall is being sanded and the siding will be added next week. 

“We also added some black top work to the project along the way, and a retaining wall, to separate it from the walkway,” LaMonaco said. 

The $1 million dollar project was made possible through funding from the Niagara River Greenway Commission, as well as city coffers. The city is planning on renting the pavilion out for weddings and events to act as a revenue source. But Pilozzi also wants the building to serve an educational purpose, and provide information on ecological models and information on the river’s natural habitats. 

The multi-purpose structure was originally set to be complete in December, but ran into multiple delays along the way.

“It’s really coming along quite well,” Pilozzi said. “But anytime I come up with a tentative schedule I get surprised. Provided there are no glitches, it will be complete soon.”

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