Tonawanda News

April 19, 2012


By Michael Regan
The Tonawanda News

— A new high-end restaurant will be coming to Sweeney Street in a matter of weeks with the backing of two locally renowned restaurateurs.

The Remington Rand building will soon add the Remington Tavern to its portfolio, which developer Tony Kissling said will be a five star seafood and oyster establishment just off the Erie Canal.

Delaware Avenue restaurant proprietors Mark Hutchinson, who owns Hutch's, and Paul Jenkins who runs Tempo, are teaming up for the venture, which will encompass 8,000 square feet of space.

"The restaurant is gong to be run by the two best guys in Buffalo," Kissling said of Hutchinson and Jenkins, while also noting that the chef of the soon-to-open restaurant is already living in the one of the lofts.

Preparations are under way to hire staff and to button up the final details of the restaurant, which is expected to have a soft opening by mid-May and be fully functional by early June, according to Kissling.

The tavern will also feature a second-floor events room and include the addition of outdoor seating space, with the possibility for happenings to take place along the waterfront, Kissling said.

"Between May 9 and 15 it will be open," he said. "They have the staff they'll have to train them (and) sometime near the end of May they'll be up and running. This restaurant is going to be the best for 100 miles. It will be a five star-plus restaurant."

Meanwhile, final construction on several unfinished loft apartments is expected to be complete by mid-summer. With a little more than half of the buildings 79 units rented, Kissling said he expects there to be 100 percent occupancy by August.

"As soon as they become available people are jumping at the at the chance," he said.

The $25 million project already has a yoga studio, wellness center and hair salon on the ground floor of the former typewriter factory adjacent to Gateway Harbor Park after five years of planning and development.

Apartments on the upper floors range from about 1,000 square feet starting at $1,500 per month to others about twice that size.

All of the building’s apartments are designed double as a space to live and work, which is becoming increasingly popular in larger cities like New York.

Kissling also noted that the building includes a roof-top garden and 70 indoor parking spots.

"I expect it to be fully rented," he said. "People go in there and take a look and say, 'where do we sign.'"