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April 25, 2013

Ken-Ton faces school consolidations


Tonawanda News — The option that would result in the most savings, $2,131,811, would include closing Edison Elementary, Holmes Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary and Kenmore Middle. 

Under that plan, however, students would change schools four times over the course of 13 years. 

The plan that saves the second largest amount of money would close five of the elementary schools.

Other options would include fewer systematic changes at one time, but all of the consolidation plans include closing Holmes Elementary. One of the plans would only close Holmes and Kenmore Middle — and grades 9 through 12 would stay at the two high schools. The general configuration of elementary, middle and high schools would remain the same, but the savings would be less, at $1,336,378.

Some of the other configuration options listed throughout the eight scenarios including consolidating grades 8 through 12 at the high schools, consolidating the middle schools to the Hoover campus and having Kenmore Middle only house grade 7. 

“Having grade 7 alone in the building may present a challenge, with transitioning to high school after one year in a school,” one of the SES team members said. Members of the audience nodded their heads in agreement. 

Parents and teachers who attended the meeting were able to ask questions, but the SES team declined to provide any opinions on the various options and only clarified the plans’ details. 

“In the end, the value judgment rests with you, your board, your superintendent,” Seversky said. “It’s your kids, your money. We are just guests.” 

But understandably, parents expressed concern about a number of the scenarios. 

“This is my first taste of it, and it’s very scary. I have a child in Kindergarten and a third-grader, and under one of the plans, they would never be in the same school again,” Tanya Litto, of Kenmore, said. “It’s just scary. I love Lindbergh, and I don’t want it to be broken up at all ... but it is nice to get more detailed information.”

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