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November 18, 2012

Councilman wants up to 100 trees along Oliver Street in NT


Tonawanda News — Michael Zimmerman, of the Lumber City Development Corporation, the city’s business funding arm, said that while there are pockets of commercial viability along Oliver Street, what’s needed to spur a true metamorphosis on a larger and more expedited scale is a solid plan from the city. 

However, he added, the length of the street makes linking economically resurgent sections difficult.

“Oliver Street, for one one thing, is such a large street, so long and so different from end to end,” Zimmerman said. “Some parts are really residential and some parts are really commercial. So there’s different opportunities and different problems.” 

Andres said he sees his efforts as more of a long-term solution and by working off the success on Webster Street, the city may make gains on Oliver Street, section by section. 

For now, the fire company will serve as a sort of pilot program to show the positive aspects that green space can have a neighborhood. 

“What I’d like to see is not only groups, but citizens, also help by planting their own trees and making the properties that much better,” Andres said. 

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