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March 13, 2013

Help for above

Twin City Community Outreach looksfor help to repair building's roof

Tonawanda News — Just because Twin Cities Community Outreach’s symbol is an umbrella doesn’t mean the group wants to have to use them in its building.

For years, TCCO has dealt with leaks in the roof of its building on Ridge Road as they came, but as the cost of repairs — $8,000 here, $12,000 there, $5,000 there — mounted, it became apparent that the issues needed to be dealt with in a more long-term manner.

“We patched, and we patched, and then repatched again,” said Greg Lureman, vice president of TCCO. “In a way, we’re throwing good money after bad. It’s not a long-term solution.”

With that in mind, the non-profit is seeking to raise the thousands of dollars needed for a complete roof replacement, thus preserving the building that houses three other non-profit organizations: North Tonawanda Meals-On-Wheels, the NT Inter-Church Food Pantry and the Inter-Church Clothes Closet.

The East Hill Foundation recently awarded TCCO with a grant of $38,000, money which will allow it to replace the building’s lower section of roof, but “the lion’s share” of the roof. A space about 95 by 218 feet, Lureman said, will still be in need of repair. That’s a job that will cost an estimated  $125,000 to $150,000.

The group is applying for grants and sending out mailings, and has successfully raised about $7,000 raised in a month and a half, Lureman said, primarily from churches and individuals. Still, there’s a long road to go.

“Any amount helps,” he said. “They don’t all have to be $500 checks. All the $20 and $25 checks add up to hundreds and thousands. It adds up.”

Lureman estimates that the group has spent $35,000 on the patch jobs over the past five years, money that could simply have gone toward solving the problem for 20 years or so into the future.

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