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September 6, 2013

Do You Remember Sept. 6?

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — 2003 — 10 years ago

Art Garfunkel appeared at the Riviera Theatre.

• NT’s Project Pride announced plans for an Oktoberfest at Gateway Park.

1988 — 25 years ago

• Two North Tonawanda brothers – Karl and Leonard Mueller – achieved academic excellence at the University of Rochester by winning Churchill Scholarships for advanced study at Cambridge University’s Churchill College.

Roman Galanti was set to conduct his own composition, “The Mountains,” during the Wheatfield Community Band concert in Oppenheim Park.

1963 — 50 years ago

• John Lukasik defeated Raymond Klimek in the Democratic Primary for the Mayor of North Tonawanda.

• Niagara County Judge and Surrogate Henry P. Smith III became the first person from North Tonawanda to win a primary election nomination for a Niagara County judicial position since 1912.

1943 — 70 years ago

• Reports from Italy said Allied paratroopers had dropped behind enemy lines in the invasion of southern Italy. The British Eighth Army opened a second front on the European continent, swarming across Messina Straits and landing on the toe of Italy.

• Evening classes would open at Kibler High School devoted to instruction in subjects intended to fit men and women for jobs in defense plants. Attention was called to the opportunity to prepare women in vocational subjects to fit them for jobs where they earned their own livelihood as well as helped fight the war on the home front and freed men for the armed forces.