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May 12, 2013

Tensions rising over private investigator in Town of Niagara


Tonawanda News — Clark added that private investigators are just one of the issues he’s dealing with.

Clark said he started receiving threatening mail with no return address — including an illustration of a rat — at his home shortly after being contacted by the FBI.

Clark has no proof of the origin of the threatening mail, but can think of no other reason, other than his interview with federal authorities, that he would receive a picture of a rat in the mail.

“I’ve been getting stuff like that since the FBI started investigating,” he said.

Bad blood has been brewing between Clark and Richards for many years, long before Clark was elected to the town board.

During Clark’s 2006 election campaign, Richards said he received anonymous letters threatening to burn down his son’s business if he didn’t support the councilman’s candidacy. 

For several weeks during the election campaign, an effigy of Clark hung from a noose outside a business owned by Richards’ son. 

Clark was also the subject of a police investigation involving stolen political signs off of Richards’ property, though Richards later dropped the charges.

Clark denies involvement in any of those acts.

“There’s no way in hell me or any of my supporters would have done that,” Clark said.

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