Tonawanda News

May 15, 2013

Do You Remember May 15?

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — 2003 — 10 years ago

Ricky Brooks, the fiery North Tonawanda High School baseball ace with a fastball that topped 90 mph, was said to have forced scouting supervisors to make a detour through Western New York this season.

Jeannie Vega, 9, and Kodie Hertel, 10, were among the 20 children who performed in the local version of “American Idol” at the Franklin Street Boys and Girls Club.

1988 — 25 years ago

• No paper published.

1963 — 50 years ago

• Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper began a 22 orbit mission aboard his 3,000 pound spacecraft, Faith 7. His mission was to test effects on weightlessness and amass information for the upcoming Gemini and Apollo missions.

L. Richard Reed of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was to be the keynote speaker at the re-dedication of the Civil War Monument in Tonawanda on Memorial Day.

1943 — 70 years ago

• Seaman and merchant-ship gunner Basil D. Izzi, who survived 83 days on a life raft in the open Atlantic after a sub torpedoing, spoke at factory-rallies at Buffalo Pumps, Buffalo Bolt, Remington-Rand, American District Steam, and Spaulding Fibre.

Miss Stella Wiech, Norton Aurigema, Frank Graf, and Lawrence Hurtubise were among 24 North Siders who were awarded service pins for their participation in the city’s salvage drives.