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May 21, 2013

NT may double sidewalk repairs

Tonawanda News — The North Tonawanda Common Council approved more than $62,444 in sidewalk repairs Tuesday, a figure that came in below budget and will lead to the replacement of approximately 620 concrete blocks throughout the city. 

Department of Public Works Supervisor Brad Rowles said the council approved a budget of $75,000 for the work, while the excess funds will be used for curb repairs. 

Rowles has also introduced a novel technology this year called slab-jacking, which will allow DPW employees to lift up less damaged sections of sidewalk, frequently caused by tree roots, with the device and pour concrete underneath, saving time, money and very often a better-quality concrete. 

"Even if it's 100 years old we'll be able to reuse it and save the the concrete," he said, which will save on the cost of a new-pour, which comes in at $4 a square foot. 

The "slab-jacker" will be utilized later this summer, though Rowles said it can be used into the colder months of the year, an option that is not possible with newly poured concrete. 

"Last year my budget line for sidewalks was $50,000," he said. "So between the increased budget and the new technology you're going to see a 25 percent increase (in) replacements and repairs. We might even be able to double what we did last year." 

The bid was awarded to Roman Construction Development Corporation, who came in more than $7,000 below another company. 

In other council news: 

• City Engineer Dale Marshall called for residents' input on an annual stormwater report, which, combined with municipalities in NIagara and Erie counties looks at best management practices put in place to ebb the flow of pollutants into storm systems and local waterways. A copy of the report can be found at or by contacting Marshall in his office at 695-8565. 

• The council awarded a bid for sludge hauling and disposal from its wastewater treatment plant to Modern Disposal Services, Inc., at a cost of $38.40 per ton for three years. The council also approved a bid of $188,984 to WeCare Organics, for cleaning the plant's southwest digester. 

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