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November 20, 2013

Owner of Ying's claims racial discrimination by Town


Tonawanda News — A claim perhaps bolstered by the owner of a private security company, who was hired by Ying to oversee the Saturday shows along with his trained K-9 dog. 

Jay Adams, owners of Adams K9, said in an interview on Tuesday that several weeks ago he was ordered by Town police to move inside the restaurant rather than patrol outside its doors.  

“There was a small fight in the bar,” he said of Sunday’s provocation. “The incident in the parking lot wouldn’t have happened if I had been allowed outside.” 

One employee, Melvin Moore, said he was recently arrested by Town police for soliciting, as he handed out fliers door-to-door promoting the restaurant. Other employees said they’ve also been accused of selling drugs. 

“I have eight tickets … I’ve been followed out of the place and pulled over in the same exact spot,” Ralph Jones, a delivery driver for the restaurant, said.

But Town of Tonawanda Police Chief Anthony Palumbo said police are only attempting to protect public safety outside the restaurant, where patrons have often fought and drank.

“Mr. Ying is running an operation that is not conducive to his patrons or to the general public,” he said. “It is an unruly premise and we are going to enforce the law.”

One meeting attendee said she saw two girls fighting outside the bar in October, and when police arrived, they were harassed.

Another resident, who lives behind the bar, said that liquor bottles have been thrown into his neighbor’s back yards — even though the restaurant does not have a liquor license.

“Why are there liquor bottles if you don’t have a liquor license?” Board member John Bargnesi asked Ying.

Ying acknowledged that his patrons have been drinking outside the restaurant.

“It’s common to bring a drink, to have it before,” he said.

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