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January 27, 2014

NATURAL HEALTH: Is modern wheat making you sick?


Tonawanda News — Wheat is now an effective appetite stimulant. If you or anyone you know wants to lose weight, this would be one of the most important ingredients to eliminate. Unfortunately, the obvious places like bread, pizza and pasta are not the only places it is found. Twizzlers, taco seasoning, frozen dinners, and granola bars are just a few more hiding places. If you were a food manufacturer, wouldn’t you want people craving more of what you’ve got?

Hopefully you are now giving this some thought. In practice, I have seen the elimination of wheat result in the resolution of gastritis or even Barrett’s esophagitis. I have seen thyroid conditions resolve, hair grow back, depression lift and even a successful pregnancy after years of infertility. I cannot deny what I see. So many individuals suffer from unexplained anxiety. Remove the wheat and see what happens. Other benefits include a reduction of appetite, joint pain, inflammation, blood pressure and triglycerides.  Energy soars and sleep improves. 

Unfortunately, many of my patients fail to see results when they dramatically reduce the amount of wheat consumed. It must be an all-or-nothing approach to be effective.  Your body cannot differentiate a crumb from a bagel. A crumb will inflame you just as much. is an excellent and informative website that will help you succeed at becoming wheat- and gluten-free.

Please experiment! Try an exclusive month of eating wheat- or gluten-free. You will be pleasantly surprised.  Email your results to Eat real, single ingredient foods. Nuts, healthy fats, grass-fed beef, wild fish, organic chicken and turkey. Vegetables and fruits make your options unlimited. You can do this!

Catherine Stack is a doctor of naturopathy and a certified nurse midwife. Her practice is located at Journey II Health in Niagara Falls. Contact her at 298-8603 or at her website at

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