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October 27, 2008

NORTH TONAWANDA: Winter parking ban coming

Beginning Nov. 1, the City of North Tonawanda will enact its winter parking ban and motorists could face unexpected fines.

The law, currently posted on the city’s Web site, states:

“No automobile or other motor vehicle shall be parked or allowed to stand in and upon any of the streets, highways or public places of this city for more than 15 minutes continuously between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. beginning Nov. 1 of each year and ending April 15 (of the next year).”

Data from the City Clerk’s office shows a nearly $10,000 increase in revenues for all parking tickets issued during a two-month period last year beginning on the date the ban was enacted.

In other words, the city collected $2,600 in parking fines throughout the months of September and October in 2007 but jumped to $13,000 for the duration of November and December of the same year.

It is not known exactly how many of the tickets are attributable to the overnight ban, or account for the $10,000 difference. There is no evidence of any other changes in parking code to coincide with the dates.

Common Council President Brett Sommer said the ban hasn’t dominated comments made to the council over the years.

“No, this issue of (banning) on-street parking during the winter months has not been an issue during my seven years on the council. A lot of people who get the tickets, it’s because they forget is all.” Sommer said.

He said there has been talk about moving the end date a little to April 1, but little else.

“It’s one of those things where it has been the same way for quite a while but I don’t think anybody would be opposed to looking at something different. Ultimately, its purpose is to make sure the plows can get through a lot easier.”

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