Tonawanda News

December 12, 2008

NORTH TONAWANDA: Two residents take their case to Judge Joe Brown

By Daniel Pye<br><a href="">E-mail Dan</a>

Two North Tonawandans took their civil squabble to Judge Joe Brown’s televised courtroom at 4:30 p.m. Friday on Fox.

Alvira Janelle Carson, 28, sued her former friend, Paul Regdos, Jr., 31, for $1,200 in charges on her credit card. Carson said she was charmed into a decision she wouldn’t normally make, charging $1,154 in Christmas gifts for one of Regdos’ sons after knowing the man for less than two months. She said Regdos told her he’d pay her back once his mother returned to town and let him get money from a joint account. Judge Brown was skeptical of this claim, since joint accounts typically allow both of the parties listed to draw money on the account. Brown also gave Regdos a hard time about having a joint account with his mother at over 30 years old.

Carson said she believed the story, but added that she discontinued the friendship after she began to feel used.

“I realized all I was was an ATM machine to him, and a free baby-sitter,” Carson said.

Regdos claimed the two had been on the path to starting an intimate relationship, which Carson denied. He decided to discontinue his agreement to pay the loan back at $200 a month when he discovered Carson had sex with his brother.

“She’s trash,” Regdos said. “I was done.”

The judge said he didn’t quite understand what the sexual issue had to do with the court case at hand, but speculated that Regdos’ personality could have been the main problem.

“Maybe your attitude turned her off,” Brown said. “It’s kind of on the whiny side.”

In the end, the judge ruled in favor of Carson and was about to award her the $1,200 she sued for. But when Regdos pointed out that he had already paid $250, the judge asked if Regdos really wanted to go there. Regdos did, and the judge added the interest charged to the credit cards to the amount he granted Carson before subtracting the payment. In the end, Regdos was found to owe Carson $1,884.

“This is unreal,” Regdos said after realizing his comment cost him $684 more. “This is a mess.”

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