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May 2, 2013

Buffalo veteranarian performs a life-saving surgery at no cost to the SPCA of Niagara

Pets: Buffalo veteranarian performs a life-saving surgery at no cost to the SPCA of Niagara.


Tonawanda News — The vet told Lewis she had a better idea then sending Teddie to Cornell.

“I said I thought it was great if they wanted to take (Teddie) there,” Gray said. “But then I said we’d be happy to do it and donate (the cost).”

Lewis could hardly believe what she heard.

“It was just amazing,” the shelter director said.

Lewis sent a text message to Stricklin and the next day, Teddie was at Ellicott Small Animal Hospital to be examined. A week later, she was undergoing surgery.

“Working in the chest (of the animal), with the heart, there is a certain degree of risk. It’s tricky,” Gray said. “Most (veteranarians) don’t have a desire to it. But it has such a great prognosis if you have the capability to do it.”

Stricklin said she was amazed on the day of the surgery that Gray took time to text her updates and even sent her pictures of Teddie. 

“I’ve never had a vet take that kind of time and care with me,’ she said. 

Gray had let Stricklin listen to Teddie’s heart before the surgery. She could hear the rush of too much bllod and could feel the murmur. 

After the surgery, Stricklin listened again.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “It was listening to a new animal.”

Now, except for a healing scar. Teddie looks and plays like any other puppy. Gray said doing the surgery was a joy for her and the hospital staff.

“It’s amazing what doing something like this does for our office. Everyone was smiling and excited,” she said. “It think it was great that we were able to help and save the SPCA the money.”

For Stricklin and her family, the gift of a healthy Teddie is priceless.

“There is no way to repay Dr. Gray for what she did,” Stricklin said. “The gift she gave my son and daughter, how do you repay someone for that?”

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