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January 8, 2013

Town reports profit

Tonawanda News — TOWN OF TONAWANDA — Officials released the town’s golf concession revenues from the 2012 season Monday, marking the first go-around for the town since it controversially took responsibility for the stands from political hopeful Michael Vishion. 

The town terminated the contract with Vishion in December of 2011 following the businessman’s challenge to Councilman Dan Crangle for his seat. 

Vishion labeled the decision “political retribution.” 

But town board members and employees denied the accusation, arguing the town made the move to increase profits to the town — as Vishion only paid the town $12,000 per year for operating at the two golf courses.

Director of Youth, Parks and Recreation Dan Wiles was scheduled to present the town’s revenues from the season in November to prove the move was not done in vain. 

After delaying the presentation for months, Councilman Dan Crangle, Councilman Joseph Emminger and Wiles publicized the figures during a press conference Monday. 

Total revenues amounted to $161,911.98 for the season, a high figure despite the fact that the town reduced menu costs and extended services with longer hours. 

After taking into account the cost for supplies, part time staff, liquor liability insurance, concession carts and training, the balance stands at $20,633.96 — higher than the $12,000 the town previously received.

But the town also invested in equipment and remodeling at the golf houses that “would have not incurred otherwise” amounting to $39,335.92, much more than the $20,633 profit previously listed. 

Wiles, however, said much of that $39,335.92 figure went to remodeling costs for items such as a new carpet, windows, tables and fireplace enhancements, that would have been done even if Vishion still operated the stand, but were “accelerated” after the town took over the concessions. 

Regardless, Crangle said that regaining “over half our investment in the first year of operation” was a success and a “standard any private business would like to see.”

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