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August 31, 2013

TUCKER: Working the United Way

Tonawanda News — After last week’s United Way Day of Caring, Diane Krause, a member of the Erie-Niagara Sunrise Exchange Club, wrote the following poem. (It’s also a reminder that the UW campaign kicks off at a Jeans and Beer event on Friday at Sikora Post.)

“At the United Way Day of Caring, the Exchange volunteered to work. I went to 36 Whiting, and found a five-yard pile of dirt.

“After moving just 10 wheelbarrows full, I about broke my back I asked Colleen to call for help before I had a heart attack.

“First came John and Barbara B., they were the window crew. They cleaned the screens and windows and made them look like new.

“Then in answer to my prayers came Jerry, Joan and Sue. They helped me with the wheelbarrow and did some shoveling too.

“We had a little wheelbarrow with the wheel missing a piece. Wayne was there to fix it with a coat hanger and elbow grease.

“So Wayne and Jerry and I took to moving dirt. Then Barbara T. came along snd shoveled-never shirked.

“Joann Mierzwa came on by and brought with her, Bill Miles. When Bill picked up a shovel our faces filled with smiles.

“Wayne said, “From all that working, I’m covered with dirt today.” And Jerry said, “It’s inevitable, we’ll all end up that way!”

“Yes, we finally moved that pile, we were happy don’t you see. We united to help each other, that’s the way that it should be.

“So, if you’re down and out can’t seem to find your way. Just call a friend to help a friend, that’s the United Way.”


When it rained on Monday, it triggered a saying my mother often repeated: “Rain on Monday, rain four days after.” Looks as though it’s true again as it rained off and on Tuesday and Wednesday with more in for forecast for this weekend. My mother was a great weather-watcher and all in the family recall her knowledge of the phases of the moon and what they meant. At the first quarter, she’s say whatever weather was at that day would continue for four weeks, if the quarter moon was tipped, it would rain. I’m not sure what her percentage of correct calls was, but it couldn’t be worse than today’s professionals.

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