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July 29, 2013

FUNDRAISER: Family remembers 'J-Mill' with events including Wednesday's talk on messages from Heaven

Tonawanda News — Jonathan Miller was just a normal teenage boy. Or so it seemed.

It wasn’t until after he died that his family knew just how many people’s lives he had touched. And if they had any doubt that his spirit was living on, the inexplicable grace-filled moments that began to appear in their lives, fortified their faith that they would see him once again someday.

J-Mill — as he was known to family and friends — had graduated in June 2009 from Lew-Port High School. A football, baseball and hockey player, he sat on the bench more than he might have liked, but never said a word to his coaches about it. Those who knew him said his was the voice his teammates listened to in the locker room. Loss or victory, it seemed he always knew just what to say.

The teen died in a car accident Nov. 15, 2009, while driving his SUV to Niagara University for a workout. The family was inconsolable, but somehow, they began receiving comfort from a wide variety of unexpected events. The coincidences and small wonders actually began about a year before his death.

His sister, Lauren, was also in a car accident. Alone and afraid and pinned inside her vehicle, she suddenly felt the presence of a calm, lovely woman who showed up at her side. The woman phoned the Millers to let them know that an accident had occurred but that Lauren was OK. She even let them talk with Lauren.,

“The lady was so calming to me,” Jeannine Miller remembered. “She kept saying ‘She’s going to be OK. She broke her leg. I’ll be with her until the ambulance comes.’”

Afterwards, at the hospital, Jeannine and her husband Kevin asked about the woman. But the paramedic told them that when he got there, Lauren had been alone.

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