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January 28, 2010

TELEVISION: Ready for final season of 'Lost'


Eloise also has ties to Ben Linus, which is bizarre — Widmore is her baby’s daddy and the two men hate each other. Eloise is the one who pushes Ben to get the Oceanic Six (Jack Shepard, Kate Austin, Hurley Reyes, Sayid Jarrah, Sun Kwon and baby Aaron) to get on a plane that will take them back to the island.

In addition to Eloise being Daniel’s mother, consider that we have never met Penny’s mom. Could it be Eloise?

Who is Jacob?

In the season five finale, we learn the mysterious Jacob has visited every member of the Oceanic Six. When Kate Austin is a little girl, she steals candy from a store. Jacob saves her from trouble and buys it for her. When he gives her the candy he warns her to never steal again. Jacob also meets up with a young Sawyer giving him a pen at his parent’s funeral, which Sawyer then uses to write a letter to the man responsible for his parents’ death. When Locke falls out of the window, Jacob walks over to his crumpled body, and when Jacob touches him, Locke’s eyes open and Jacob apologizes. Jacob congratulates Jin and Sun Kwon on their wedding day and wishes them happiness; Jacob is also fluent in Korean. Jack meets Jacob after being reprimanded by his father while performing surgery. To help soothe the emotionally-wounded Jack, Jacob treats him with an Apollo Bar. And finally, Jacob reveals himself to Hurley in a cab. Jacob tells Hurley that he must go back to the island and he also leaves Charlie’s guitar case in Hurley’s possession to take on the plane.

As quickly as we get to really know Jacob, he is done away with, killed by Ben Linus. His last words? “They’re coming.”

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