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January 7, 2010

30 entertainment ideas for the new year


6. Dr. Dog at Mohawk Place — The Philadelphia quintet visited Buffalo’s Mohawk Place last year, but we missed it. Don’t want to make that same mistake again. Dr. Dog blends influences like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Band into a warm, fuzzy, feel-good mix of tunes. (Feb. 1)

7. 2009 Oscar nomination announcements — Though the announcements will be made while most of us are still asleep (5:30 a.m.), there’s one major reason for increased interest in this year’s Academy Award nominations: 10 Best Picture nominees. We’ll see if voters are more willing to nominate “non-traditional” films. Will an animated film like “Up” get nominated? How about a documentary, like “Food, Inc.?” We’ll see. (Feb. 2)

8. “Lost” final season premiere — Here come all the answers. We’re not huge “Lost” fans here, but you have to respect a show that can be so “out there” for so long on primetime television. Hopefully, it all pays off. (Feb. 2)

9. “Alice in Wonderland” — Sure, it’s been done many times before, but even casual fans of “Alice” should be curious to check out the Tim Burton version, featuring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. If nothing else, it should provide moviegoers with some memorable imagery. (March 5)

10. “The Brutalist Bricks” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists — Another of the last decade’s best bands, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists released the group’s arguably weakest album in 2007. Of course, weak is relative when dealing with a tremendous talent like Leo. The indie punk group’s debut on Matador Records will be much anticipated. (March 9)

11. “Hot Tub Time Machine” — An R-rated comedy that could be this year’s version of “The Hangover.” The title explains the concept. Four friends go back to the 1980s after traveling through time ... via hot tub. Stupid, sure, but also potentially very funny. (March 19)

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