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October 22, 2009

TELEVISION: Sick day shows

By Phil Dzikiy

If you’re sick right now, you’re not alone.

That could be true at any time, but as the weather turns and the swine flu scare grows, it’s more likely than ever.

And you can’t always sleep. Sometimes, you’re miserable and awake. But there’s no way you’re going to be doing anything productive. So how are you going to entertain yourself?

No one would blame you if you didn’t feel like reading. And if the bed or couch is too comfy to leave for the DVD rack, well, that’s perfectly normal. TV is here for you.

Then why is it so hard to find anything you want to watch? That’s where we come in. Night & Day is also here for you. We’re giving you a number of battle plans to help you keep your sanity during these days.

Talk, talk, talk

It is entirely possible to watch almost nothing but talk shows during your entire sick day, if you so desire. On the major networks alone, you can go from “The Today Show” or “Live with Regis and Kelly” to “The View” or “Maury” to “Rachael Ray” before a short break at 1 p.m. After that, it’s another avalanche of shows, as “The Bonnie Hunt Show” is followed by all the usual suspects: Oprah, Ellen, Jerry Springer and all the doctors, including Phil and Oz.

Even if you are a fan of daytime talk shows, we recommend breaking up the sick day. Eight hours of such programming certainly will not heal you, even if you plan on watching “The Doctors.” If you must pick talk, decide on either the morning or afternoon block and save the rest of your day for other shows.

A soapy sick day

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