Tonawanda News

August 8, 2013

Marina money reshuffled

By Michael Regan
The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — North Tonawanda reshuffled nearly $100,000 for a River Road marina this week that city officials say was required to shore up the Lumberjacks Patio Grill, which opened in July. 

The common council approved a request City Engineer Dale Marshall called necessary to make additional improvements to a fire pit area that juts off the rear of the new restaurant, while also performing construction work originally slated for the project’s second phase. 

The council authorized Mayor Rob Ortt to sign an amended contract with the contractor, Herbert F. Darling, Inc., up from $575,121 to $674,027. The company will install parking lot boulders, add 16 bollard lights, lay concrete for walkways, while also supplying gas service and restoration to a small peninsula where the fire pit is located along the Niagara River. The cost of the amendments and additions totals $98,906. 

“It’s all under the umbrella of the overall project,” Marshall said, adding that some of the moves related to the fire pit area were in response to liability concerns raised by City Attorney Shawn Nickerson. 

The walls of one bay inside the marina already has been reconstructed, while dredging was conducted over the last several weeks. Officials are still waiting approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to remove the silt, which is now sitting at the marina. 

At least half of the $2 million planned for the marina has come from grant money, including $686,919 in federal infrastructure funding and $300,000 from the Niagara River Greenway Commission. The city has bonded $361,350 for the project. 

The addition of public restrooms and docks as well as dredging of two other bays at the marina are part of the city’s future plans, as the Lumber City Development Corporation continues to search for grant money to finish some of those projects. About $300,000 is left over for those future considerations, with work scheduled to continue into 2014. 

The city-owned building once housing the Niagara River Yacht club has been leased to the restaurant’s proprietor, Carol Tallichet, with a plan to also share revenues from boating fees. 

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