Tonawanda News


March 21, 2013

Local high school students receive 'quality' honors


Tonawanda News — Mary Holzerland, principal of Cardinal O’Hara, constantly used the word passionate to describe her students.

Students like student council president Gerald Combes, who went on a missionary trip to El Salvador, during which he built latrines for the poor.

James Newton, superintendent of Tonawanda, also spoke about the diverse interests and accomplishments of his students as he read off what they said was their greatest memory of high school.

For Joanna McCarthy that moment was completing a 39.3 mile walk to raise money for breast cancer. 

Other Tonawanda’s like Jacob Choate and Steven Warthling cited athletic accomplishments as their greatest moments.

Perhaps the lightest moment of the evening came when James Fisher, principal of North Tonawanda Senior High School, read the favorite memory of Jacob Clare.

That memory was the first time his football team, North Tonawanda, beat their rivals from Tonawanda in the annual T-NT game. Clare even made sure to include the 35-0 scoreline in his memory.

The crowd laughed as Fisher looked at Clare and said, “Did you not know Tonawanda was going to be here tonight?” 

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