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October 16, 2012

Family of pacemaker inventor bringing philanthropic group to North Tonawanda


But in addition to that, East Hill will also be putting a focus on the Tonawandas in large part due to its closer proximity and the family’s connection to the community. 

Kenneth J. Dulian, 34, who is Greatbatch’s son and the project manager for the sustainable funding initiative, graduated from North Tonawanda High School in 1997. 

He will be a key figure in the foundation’s community outreach efforts and has a slate of plans including environmental initiatives, a focus on the waterfront and a direct connection to the many not-for-profits serving the region — all ideas he sees as being important to the next generation of philanthropists. 

Dulian said giving non-profits the ability to better conduct their funding initiatives has proven to bring in three times the resources that one-time donations typically would, which is part of the reason it will be a central focus of the foundation. 

The foundation, which has been in existence for more than 25 years, has already dabbled with the concept, with plans to expand it next year. 

Dulian said plans are also in the works to use the property, which includes a towering life-sized lighthouse, for special events and other gatherings. 

“We look forward to bringing that to the community,” he said. 

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