Tonawanda News


October 20, 2013

Gratwick Hose remodels hall, adds banquet facility



“We work with our customers to provide whatever they want — and more,” Cohen said. “The important part of the strategy is to have more people here. We project 20 to 30 weddings here a year,” he added.

The facility is still evolving, Brennan explained.

“We will be putting in down lighting around the room capable of different colors,” Brennan said. “This means that we can match the color scheme of any event by down lighting the drapes.”

A new awning at the entrance and signage is also on the horizon.

“We tell people that if they haven’t seen Gratwick hall in a while, they haven’t seen it,” Croll said.

“The vision was really important and came together,” he said.

The three men said they get accolades not just from renters, but from their own members.

“(Gratwick) has really turned the corner,” Brennan said. “We now have a Class A facility we’re all proud of.”




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