Tonawanda News


October 23, 2013

Sex abuse trial begins


Tonawanda News — “The younger sister, who shared a room with the alleged victim, told police she heard nothing,” Berkun said. 

“My client’s adult son stayed in the bedroom just 20 feet away and heard nothing. The bed sheets that the victim’s mother said she hadn’t washed in 30 days, had no evidence found on them. There was no child pornography found on the defendant’s computer.”

Berkun said that the physical examination of the alleged victim showed no bruising or forced sexual contact.

“We do know that she started asking about her biological father right around the time when the allegations were alleged to take place,” Berkun said. “Her mother ignored her requests. She also saw her guidance counselor at school 10-12 times during her seventh grade year and never once mentioned any alleged abuse.”

Berkun said that then in her eighth grade year, she did start bringing up wanting to see her biological father to the guidance counselor and that her younger half-sister began teasing her for not having a dad.

Berkun alluded to these incidents as possibly being what caused the girl to make the claims against McNamara.

The trial is expected to continue Wednesday.

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