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April 10, 2014

Partners in Art comes to the Carnegie Art Center

Partners in Art comes to the Carnegie Art Center


Tonawanda News — The Partners are happy to be able to contribute to the Carnegie Art Center, which they believe to be an important staple in the local art world, and the staff at the Center are just as happy to have them. 

“It think it’s great for the Carnegie Art Center,” said Cindi O’Mara, who served on the center’s board for seven years. “We have a good connection with Partners in Art. It’s a great place to go to learn, to create and to exhibit.” 

All the learning and creating has paid off for the students, whose work will be on display alongside their teachers’ until May 2. One student, Leslie Fornalik, has recently been selected as one of 685 finalists out of 2,200 in an international competition through the Art Renewal Center. 

“I’ll always be taking classes (with Partners in Art),” Fornalik said. “I’ll never stop learning. I love the creative energy there and how everyone helps each other.” 

Horn and Sternin say that while their annual show is calling the Carnegie Art Center home for this year, next year is uncertain. Sternin says that the option of opening up a new gallery is still possible, though finding the right location will be a difficult process. 

The Carnegie Art Center is open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. To learn more about Partners in Art visit For more information on the Carnegie Art Center visit 

Contact reporter Mia Summerson at 693-1000,ext. 4313.

Contact reporter Mia Summerson at 693-1000, ext. 4313.

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