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April 11, 2014

NT event makes reading fun


Tonawanda News — Both Minor and Marren agree that the students appreciate having the opportunity to come to the event as well as having a chance to get their parents involved with what they’re doing in class. 

“In this day and age people are busy and it’s hard to fit things in,” Marren added. “This is something fun, a night out. State tests put so much pressure on these kids that they sometimes miss out on the fun part of learning.”

Haylee Kenny, a first grader in Marren’s class, says that she really enjoys coming to Family Literacy Night, this is her second year. She says she got some books about people at the event as well as a non-fiction book about animals. 

“I like reading,” Haylee said. “My favorite book that we read in class is about Spike, he’s a crazy dog that pretends to be other animals.” Haylee, who says she is still learning to read, also thinks she will be a life-long reader. 

North Tonawanda Mayor Robert Ortt says he has been coming to Family Literacy Night for the past few years. He believes that parent involvement in education is directly related to the success of students in school. 

“I love reading ‘The Very Silly Mayor.’ I enjoy the kids and they ask great questions,” Ortt said. “It’s great to see parents bring their kids out and encourage them to read.” 

The event is focused solely on providing family fun and promoting the importance of reading. The school does not raise any funds for the event and the staff comes in on their own time to run it. 

“We do it for the families, it’s just a fun family event to get kids interested in reading and learning.” Minor said. “It makes reading exciting for them.” 

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