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March 15, 2013

Learning going around at Herschell

Carrousel Museum hosts firstHome School day for families

Tonawanda News — It’s not just fun and games at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.

It’s history, and art, and science — even math. And on Thursday, the museum brought that message to families throughout Western New York with its first Home School Day, an event designed for home-schooled children and their parents.

“We’re always looking to add new programs,” said Katie Loveless, museum director of education. “We often review what other museums are doing, and this is something we’ve seen pop up in a few places, so we thought we’d try to tap in to that by creating an event just for them.”

The museum sent information on the event out to Western New York and Rochester area home-school groups. Loveless said the response included residents of the Tonawandas, but also those from Amherst, Williamsville, Buffalo and farther afield.

Each family received an informational packet with a museum map, curriculum correlations and activities and worksheets for students to continue at home. All activities are linked to the New York State Learning Standards and Core Curriculum, Loveless said, and touch on history, math and art standards.

“We’re structuring it as activity stations through the museum, so that families can move around at their own pace,” she said.

On Thursday, students and parents explored the facility, taking part in a math activity (in which students studied the speed of horses on a carrousel), crafts in the children’s gallery and learning about music rolls for band organs while watching a demonstration. In the wood-carving area, they were able to talk with a master carver ... and try soap carving.

As student gathered at a table with bars of soap, templates and carving tools, parents watched from nearby, including Carrie Hallack of Wheatfield and Katrina Puscheck of Pendleton.

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