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September 12, 2012

Paladino gets involved


Tonawanda News —

“George is very good at handing out bread crumbs,” Paladino said. “He does little things here and there. It’s the big things that count.” 

Maziarz, who supported Paladino during his unsuccessful run for governor in 2010, could not be reached for comment Tuesday. During the campaign, Maziarz has consistently stood by his record of achievement, noting that district voters have liked his performance enough to return him to office

year after year. During a recent candidates forum at the Niagara Falls public library, he dismissed his opponents’ criticisms as misrepresentations and touted what he described as several recent accomplishments, including support for the new Recharge New York low-cost power program and the development of a new terminal at the Niagara International Falls Airport. 

Maziarz is facing a winner-take-all situation when it comes to the GOP line. Thursday’s victor will face endorsed Democrat Amy Hope Witryol in the general election. Paladino believes Destino is the best candidate in the race and thinks he would offer a welcome change in the 62nd District, which encompasses all of Niagara County.

“I have found Johnny Destino to be a credible man of integrity and values,” Paladino said. “We need new blood. We need people who are going to go there and stand up and say what has to be said.” 

Maziarz picked up an endorsement of his own Tuesday. The National Federation of Independent Business, a group that advocates for small business owners across New York, endorsed Maziarz for re-election, calling him a “staunch defender” of small business in the legislature.

“Senator Maziarz has stood with small business to help enact the property tax cap, reduce energy costs and enact two consecutive fiscally responsible budgets,” said NFIB’s state Director Mike Durant. 

Destino insisted he’s not receiving direct campaign support from Paladino and his campaign is not connected to the information being put out by the Buffalo developer. While he welcomes Paladino’s support, Destino said he does not necessarily agree with all of his positions.

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