Tonawanda News


September 12, 2012

Paladino gets involved


Tonawanda News —

“Carl is supporting several candidates who believe that we need new leadership in Albany. I just happen to be one of them,” Destino said. 

Paladino said he intends to continue campaigning long after Thursday’s primary, regardless of the outcome. He believes state leaders, and state GOP leaders in particular, have lost their way and need to be refocused on issues that matter to the general public. While he has targeted Maziarz in the run-up to the primary, Paladino vowed to continue to oppose the campaigns of all candidates he considers out of sync with the needs of the people of Western New York. 

“We’re letting people know that the rank-and-file people are disgusted with the leadership,” Paladino said. 

“I’m a grassroots person,” Paladino added. “I’m an anti-establishment person. I will spend the rest of my life changing the Republican Party and changing New York state for the betterment of the people here.”

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