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June 21, 2014

NT to focus on secondary road fixes

Tonawanda News — With a higher-than-usual budget, the North Tonawanda Department of Public Works has begun digging out of a winter that battered area roadways. 

But Highway Superintendent Brad Rowles said despite the challenges presented by the elongated and harsh season, the extra funding he received will go a long way toward residents seeing real changes on city streets this year. 

An increase in state funds and about $300,000 left over from the 2013 road budget, has bumped up Rowles allotment to $1.1 million. His department received $735,000 in state funds from the New York Consolidated Street and Highway Improvement Program and another $67,000 in emergency monies. 

Over the last three years, the city has poured about $2.5 million into its streets with the target of bringing many of its main roads up to par. Rowles said many of those projects have already been completed, with the department’s sights now set on secondary roadways. 

In April, the DPW first focused on temporary measures filling in potholes, then switched its attention to “spot paving,” he said, at the intersections of Ward Road and Payne Avenue and Wheatfield Street and the Twin Cities Memorial Highway. 

“Those are the most time consuming with high traffic counts,” he said. “We were trying to get those done early before the kids get out of school.” 

But with the bulk of those projects now finished, the department has already moved on to side streets, which were largely split up evenly between the First, Second and Third wards. 

And while work has been going on for nearly two months, North Tonawanda City Hall this week released its summer list of roads slated for repair and repaving this summer. 

Moll Street, which has often been the topic of complaints due to flooding issues, was the first of those to be targeted as the DPW wrapped up a section of Payne Avenue, and Nash and Ward roads. 

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