Tonawanda News


June 21, 2014

NT to focus on secondary road fixes


Tonawanda News — “The First Ward is now 50 percent complete,” Rowles said. “The Second Ward is at the same point and the Third Ward is about 30 percent complete. As far as the main roads, we only have one more section of Nash Road to do. Once that is behind us we’ll turn all our attention to the secondaries.”  

Mayor Rob Ortt said the council is also pushing to add to its list of roadways should the weather hold into the late fall season. 

“It’s a list that is never complete,” he said, in an interview this week. “We’re going to work with it and see how much we can get done.” 

Rowles said in his third year in charge of the department, he is now able to move to a “pavement management” scenario. 

“There’s ways that I can start eliminating the major problems now that we’re beginning to catch up,” he said. “Now we can start addressing the smaller problems that might not require as much work. We’re feeling like we’re really getting ahead of this and it wasn’t just paving either. We’re starting to tie in drainage issues. I think everybody is going to be surprised how good things look by the end of the season.”

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