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August 3, 2012

Witryol: Maziarz mailer 'misleading' voters


Tonawanda News —

Thompson’s publication was a 102-page soft cover book with 15 color photos of the senator. The Maziarz mailer in question is a two-sided glossy card stock. The front contains color images evoking casinos, bars, strip clubs and other places where welfare recipients could previously use an EBT card to withdraw cash, presumably to buy liquor, cigarettes, lottery tickets and other luxuries that state assistance is not intended to underwrite. It includes the tagline “Senator George Maziarz ... Fighting to protect your tax dollars.” The back includes information on what the bill does to close the welfare loopholes.

The state Senate bill was drafted in response to a federal law that mandated all states pass such restrictions by 2014 or face the possible loss of welfare money the federal government gives to states to dole out. The state Assembly has yet to take up the legislation.

Maziarz also responded to Witryol’s suggestion that the mailers had targeted only a section of his constituents, admitting that was the case but noting that there were no illegalities involved. 

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