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April 21, 2014

Dom Polski's celebrates Dyngus Day

Tonawanda News — The polka was playing and the dancing was well underway at Dom Polski Club by the time the sun began to set on Dyngus Day 2014. 

The day after Easter is a highlight of the Polish calendar, a day to celebrate family and friends, fertility and spring. Although Buffalo is known globally for its Dyngus Day celebration, those in North Tonawanda know that Oliver Street's own Dom Polski is where you go to party. 

This year Dom Polski President Cathy Brachmann tried to do something different. Instead of just one party they had two separate parties to allow for maximum attendance. Brachmann says about 250 tickets were sold.

"The first session paid for itself," she said. "Maybe next year we'll start the party later and have it go all night." She said even though she was hoping to sell more tickets, the turn out wasn't bad for the first year of the new schedule. 

As per usual though, the people in attendance were happy, Brachmann added. Guest raved about the food and the music, both of which were described as "amazing." 

The dance floor was packed while Kathy Piorkowski-Carr and her Polish band performed traditional polkas, waltzes and even the Hokey Pokey. The young and old alike, mostly dressed in red, laughed and swirled about with their spouses, children, friends and other family members. 

"Look at these guys, they are my family," said Donny Sadlocka, who first came to a Dom Polski Dyngus Day party with his parents. Other guests agree with him, like Sherry Dixon who said, "everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day."

Dixon added that the idea of doing two separate parties was nice because it allowed people the option of coming before or after work, since Dyngus Day is always on a Monday. 

"Everyone had a great time," said Brachmann's cousin Linda Lewis, who helped out with the event. Even though they're cousins, Lewis doesn't share Brachmann's Polish heritage. "It was fun learning about Dyngus Day, before today I didn't even know that wearing red was the tradition."

This year's party, like many parties before it, was a hit. Whether or not Brachmann will continue the new tradition of two separate parties remains unknown. Whatever happens, Dom Polski will likely be North Tonawanda's favorite place to polka for many years to come. 

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