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June 5, 2014

Carbon company moves into NT facility

Tonawanda News —

North Tonawanda officials said a Pennsylvania company that set up shop inside the North Tonawanda wastewater facility in March has added 16 jobs to the city and saved nearly $200,000 annually by leasing underutilized machinery. 

The company, Calgon Carbon Corporation, signed a $150,000 agreement to lease the facility's furnace used in the process of collecting carbon.

Amanda Mushrush, Calgon's spokeswoman, said the company collects "spent carbon" from municipalities in the Midwest by heating up filters through the furnace, then resells the carbon back to the private sector. The filters are used to purify municipal water supplies. 

"The furnace takes the carbon used to clean drinking water," she said. "It will reactive it with the furnace so it can be used again." 

The company refurbished a city-owned building on River Road and also leases another warehouse on Bryant Street. Dave Scott, supervisor of the North Tonawanda Wastewater Treatment Plant, said the company has already been paying the lease for several years but just recently moved in and became operational. 

"They saw that ours was underutilized ... the permit was in place, why not take advantage of it?" he said. 

Mayor Rob Ortt said the lease requires Calgon to clean the city's carbon filter, which he said saves the costs of cleaning and replacing it. 

Mushrush said using the process called "reactivation" allows customers to avoid the costs related to disposing of the filters. 

"What was attractive about North Tonawanda is that they already had a furnace in place and reactivate carbon on their own," she said. 

In addition to it's headquarter in Pittsburgh, Calgon also has facilities in Ohio and Arizona. 

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