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November 8, 2012

Witryol concedes Maziarz victory


In the end, Maziarz took 61 percent of the vote district wide to Witryol’s 37 percent.

The campaign leading up to Tuesday’s election turned acrimonious at times. The two have gone head-to-head on various issues outside of political campaigns in the past, including several related to the handling and dumping of hazardous waste in Niagara County. 

On Wednesday, Maziarz said he was not surprised by the tone of Witryol’s


“I though the contents of the letter were indicative of the type of campaign that my opponent ran,” Maziarz said, referring to issues surrounding his record and campaign that were raised by his opponent during the race. 

Maziarz added that he was proud to get over 60 percent of the vote despite picking up the city of Niagara Falls - a democratic stronghold - in redistricting. Witryol won Niagara Falls by a count of 8,888 votes to 6,058, but took no other town in Niagara County, where Maziarz garnered 48,509 votes to her 30,473. 

The senator said he wished the best for Witryol in the future.

“I certainly wish my opponent well in anything that she might do,” he said.

Witryol said she is ready to get back to normalcy and do some of the things that she has been putting off during the campaign, like visiting a new addition to her family, a baby girl born to her cousin. 

She spent time Wednesday calling and thanking volunteers without whom she would not have had been able to run her campaign.

Witryol does plan on following up on two complaints involving Maziarz that she filed with New York’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics during the campaign, she said.

“My first priority is going to be to get more than four hours of sleep,” Witryol said. “The next will be to thank all of the people who helped with the campaign, After that I’ll clean the gutters and vacuum the house.”

As votes trickled in slowly Tuesday night in to Wednesday morning, though, Ceretto edged into the lead.

Despite his election night confidence, Restaino now needs the remaining absentee votes to break nearly 2 to 1 in his favor to oust Ceretto.




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