Tonawanda News


December 6, 2012

D.A.R.E. returns to NT elementary schools


Tonawanda News — Teacher Megan Lundgren said her students enjoyed the program, as well as learning from it. 

“I think it was great,” she said. “It really taught the kids some good facts about the dangers of smoking and drugs. I was surprised how much they remembered as far as the facts go.”

Each student wrote an essay at the end of the session about what they’d learned, from decision-making skills to drug-abuse facts.

“It was fun,” said student Josh Morrison, listing things he’d learned during the past nine weeks. “It’s illegal to sell tobacco to kids ... to anyone under age 18. And don’t drink and drive ... or else you could get into a car accident.”

The program will continue in January at Ohio Elementary School. Richards said that all the NT elementary schools will participate in it by the end of the school year.

D.A.R.E. started in Los Angeles in 1983. Richards said the program started in Niagara Country in 1989.

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