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December 12, 2013

NT wins big in bidding process


Tonawanda News — Cuomo, who created the state Regional Economic Development Council shortly after taking office, said in a statement Wednesday that the third round of funding allotments are a part of his strategy to boost the economy and spur job creation, calling the model a top-down, community-based approach. 

“In the last three years we have put New York’s fiscal house in order by controlling spending and cutting taxes and the global business community has taken notice,” Cuomo said, adding the competitive application process pushes public and private entities to develop strategic plans. 

North Tonawanda has embraced the model, Ortt said, using the nearly year-long process of identifying potential projects and applying for state funding to push its plan to reinvigorate the city’s waterfront potential, including the more than $1 million spent on resuscitating the marina, almost entirely through state and federal funding. 

“These are good days, but there’s still a lot of work for us to do,” Ortt said, noting that it would take months if not years to procure the funding and plan the various projects. 

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