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January 15, 2014

NT: Jury begins deliberations in Marchant trial


Tonawanda News — “What kind of person throws somebody out of their own house?” Saraceno said of Stone. “What kind of person beats them up in their own house?”  

Saraceno also called into question a medical examiner’s report that the nearly 5-inch stab wound caused Stone’s death, stating that it only “nicked” the artery, a wound that worsened in a struggle with police - a stance he attempted to use to dismiss the case, which was denied by Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas. 

Hoffmann, who at one point pulled the knife used to kill Stone out of an evidence box, displaying it in a stabbing motion in front of the jury, said the medical examiner’s testimony Monday clearly backed the theory that the knife caused the cut to the artery and Stone’s death. 

“The injury in Ralph Stone’s case was caused by this,” she said, brandishing the knife. “Would a reasonable person have made that decision?” 

The jury of 10 men and two women deliberated for nearly two hours on Tuesday before court was called. They will begin deliberations again this morning. 

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