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October 25, 2012

Council to change mayor's plan


Tonawanda News — “I felt that at this point it was important,” Zadzilka said. “I also believe that we need to give the tools necessary for both departments to get the job done.” 

First Ward Alderman Russ Rizzo said previous budgetary conversations with Szukala led him to believe that despite overtime costs, which he says stand at just over $200,000 for 2012, his department could make do with the status quo, while he also recalled promises made in 2004, when he was a councilman. 

“I was a little disappointed because during my first stint on the council when we closed the Rescue Fire Hall and took a truck away from them, I believe we eliminated two or three positions as well,” Rizzo said. “I remember the mayor at the time said if the tax burden was ever at zero percent, we would make them whole again.” 

Alderman Mal Needler said he was pleased with Ortt’s proposal and didn’t want to see a hasty change. 

“That mayor and his team put a couple of months into the budget and took everything into account and I couldn’t see changing it at the last minute,” he said. 

There will be a public budget hearing Nov. 8. 

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