Tonawanda News


March 14, 2013

NT clerk named IDA chief


Tonawanda News — Kiedrowski worked in the private sector before becoming Republican chairman of the Niagara County Board of Elections. He then moved on to his role with the city, where he is in his second term overseeing the municipality’s finances and much of its day-to-day interaction with the public in the clerk’s office.

He said that chief among his concerns as head of the agency’s board would be tracking businesses that create “a significant number of jobs” and those that use local labor. He added that because of his ties to North Tonawanda he will abstain from voting on businesses in the city that apply for assistance from the NCIDA, though he hopes that he can help ease the process. 

“My whole life has been in Niagara County,” he said. “I’m not new to what goes on here.” 

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