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June 9, 2013

Watercolor teachers incorporating wine, snacks into classes

NORTH TONAWANDA — Watercolor artists Beverly DiPalma and Jody Ziehm are convinced that all it takes is a little bit of wine and they can make anyone an artist. 

The pair, who have backgrounds in teaching watercolor at North Tonawanda’s Partners in Art, got the idea to do an amateur painting class accompanied by some liquid courage from Ziehm’s son, who attended a similar event in Florida. 

DiPalma and Ziehm banded together and decided to form Painting Uncorked, a business that provides the “painting” portion of an evening of wine an art. 

Those attending a Painting Uncorked event are asked to just bring themselves and favorite wine and snack if they want. Paints, brushes and even pre-drawn design are provided for you.

It’s a paint-by-number without the numbers, for the most part.

“There’s no talent required, no experience necessary,” DiPalma said. “People get so excited, saying, ‘I never thought I could do that. It’s so easy ... when they paint with us they get so excited to see this white piece of paper transform into something beautiful.”

In fact, Zeihm encourages those who have absolutely no experience painting to try out the classes.

“It’s kind of a good thing (not having any experience)” she said. “They just do it and they’re not afraid or apprehensive because they just listen to what we say and they have these vivid, gorgeous paintings.”

Each student will be provided with their own set of watercolors, brushes and other assorted tools needed to complete the painting. Each session will be for a specific design — the first was a wine bottle and glass, the second will be a sunflower. The designs are pre-drawn on watercolor paper for the students and as Ziehm paints her own version of the painting, she explains how students should make the same swoops and swooshes to create the same effect.

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