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November 9, 2012

ADAMCZYK: Caution: Read the return address before you open the envelope

Enough, for the while, of the cult of state. 

The people who will tell us government cannot solve every problem just concluded a costly exercise in attempting to demonstrate they have an answer for everything. My preferences largely won their contests, the waiting line to vote at the former St. Paul’s school in Kenmore was nonexistent at 6:20 in the morning, the various states’ various referenda indicate the country is moving the way I think it should and the unruly surrogates of candidates Amodeo and Grisanti, those PACs with access to printing presses, no longer haunt my mailbox.

Every day for the past month I have received at least two pieces of mail from these guys or their proxies, oversized postcards printed in flashy colors indicating opposing opinion on Mr. Grisanti’s voting record, trustworthiness, willingness to fight for me, etc., some with suspicious-sounding return addresses that offer defense of marriage, the family, the future or whatever. I envision some overworked guy in a printing plant, running two adjacent machines, each pumping out paper with conflicting data that are stacked, addressed and sent to households all over Kenmore. Except for the machine operator and perhaps the mailman, the messages neutralize each other. Political entropy in action.

So now, Big Bird is safe, as are pregnant women, non-pregnant women and parents who will not suffer suasion to loan their entrepreneurial kids 10 grand to start a business. Mrs. Romney’s horse will not graze the White House lawn, and we still get to enjoy the comic stylings of Joe Biden.

Elderly white guys like me take a back seat to the most important people in America (at the moment), Latinos who vote. Every month in this country, so the Rev. Al Sharpton tells me, 50,000 citizens of Latin-American heritage turn 18, and according to stereotype they tend to be hard-working, upward-striving, conservative, family-oriented and religious. Just like the Republican Party, according to stereotype, and watching how the party, depicted typically as rich and old and pale, will twist like pretzels to welcome this voting bloc, should be hilarious.

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