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January 2, 2014

KEPPELER: Happy New Year from the curmudgeon

Tonawanda News — I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a curmudgeon about New Year’s Eve. 

Sure, Christmas gets me all sentimental, with its traditions and its music and its food. I’m good with most other holidays — the parades and ceremonies on Memorial Day, the traditions of Easter, the fireworks of the Fourth of July. But what I’ll admit is epic over-marketing of Christmas these days, New Year’s has always seemed to me to be the most over-hyped of holidays. 

You know what I mean: Images of people dressed up in evening wear, drinking champagne. (They don’t mention how much tickets to that ritzy party cost. Or the evening wear, for that matter.) Mobs of happy people in New York City watching a giant lit-up ball drop, chanting out loud as they count down the old year, going nuts when the clock strikes midnight. (They don’t mention how long it takes to clean up. Or how far you have to be there in advance for that teeny scrap of pavement. Or how many people threw up on your shoes while you were there. Or what that mass of humanity all squeezed together smells like. Or ... oh, you get it.)

I always used to want to be at Times Square for New Year’s Eve. Or at a fancy party, drinking champagne. Now I’m relatively content drinking champagne on the couch with my husband, watching Times Square on TV. It’s less expensive. And warmer.

Maybe I got old. Or maybe it’s that the sole time we actually planned to be out and about on that evening, pre-kids, we had a lovely encounter with food poisoning. It was, perhaps, a sign.

Bah humbug.

Just another day or not, however, I can’t deny it’s a turn of the page. And it’s difficult not to get at least a little introspective.

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