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January 10, 2014

ADAMCZYK: Fox News with the sound off

Tonawanda News — How one got through the days we’ve recently endured in Kenmore, indeed all of Western New York, is a matter of personal experience but likely involves staying indoors, cabin fever, perhaps forgetting resolutions and reverting to New Year’s Eve form and monitoring whatever mass media gets in (amazingly, the post office delivered through the storm, so congratulations and many thanks). 

Unlike, say, the notorious Blizzard of ‘77, a five-day, relatively no-warning incident in local history in which 23 people died and sustained winds of nearly 70 mph were experienced, a weather enthusiast could sit by the television or computer, never venturing outside, and monitor this one nicely.

So, enduring that curiously modern hybrid of isolation and connectivity got me thinking about things like the concept of “the show must go on.”

Events were canceled, canceled like crazy. Jury duty, dog grooming clinics, dance classes, some employers, bingo, schools of course, shopping malls, all met some upheaval in scheduling. It’s a signal that we, out here, actually do things in winter; we plan and go and work out or whatever, and then return home. That crawl at the bottom of the television screen is a testimony to all those who do more than watch television under normal circumstances.

What I miss, though, is the stentorian radio voice reading these lists. On and on they’d go, way back when — each item punctuated with a “closed!” or “canceled!” laced with seriousness and finality (e.g., “Tonawanda meeting of the veterans of The Who’s Melody Fair concert” – heavy pause -- “canceled!”). These days the radio refers the listener to the Internet.

A Sabres game was canceled, and a friend who’ll spend the next two weeks in the orchestra pit of “Wicked,” the Shea’s Buffalo Theater road show, told me opening night was something of a crisis; it takes fourteen tractor-trailers full of props, costumes, equipment, etc., to put this Broadway show on, and only 10 made it. Four more were stuck somewhere on the closed Thruway (yeah, the show must go on) and it was a crapshoot if they’d make it in time.

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