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April 6, 2013

Rabbits, birds attest to spring

Tonawanda News — Chain reaction.

My walking down the driveway very early Thursday, startled a squirrel which scurried up the maple tree. Across the street, a robin seemed surprised by the squirrel’s activity and quickly hopped under a shrub in front of my neighbor’s home. The robin’s quick reaction must have startled a rabbit who no doubt was just waking up and hopped out from those same bushes to the next house. In a nearby tree, a woodpecker continued his tap, tap, tapping without a problem. Spring surely is here.


Although the City of Tonawanda is facing an overage with the high school renovations’ budget, it’s annoying that one solution is to eliminate the new band room in order to have enough money for the football and sports fields. Does everything today have to revolve around sports? What about art and music? These are programs which will stay with the students long after their sports’ days are done. With computers, X-boxes, smartphones and so many other electronic gadgets dulling the creative instincts of youngsters, the place that gives them an understanding and love of art and music, the schools’ art and music programs, are thought by many to be expendable. Well, you’re wrong in your thinking. Take North Tonawanda, for instance. Mary Ellen Holler, the finest elementary art teacher anywhere, will retire at the end of this year. It will take three art teachers to replace her commitment and interest in her students, her extraordinary creative talent and her love of art. Having been in her classroom many times, I saw first-hand how much of herself she gives her students, offering special events, art shows across the area, and working seven days a week to help entice her students to love art as she does. Will all her work and effort go for naught? You can be sure that I’ll be watching to see the outcome.

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